Montag, 10. November 2008

Warhammer Aliance vs. Grubenschnitzel

It's really usually not that hard to pick out a champion. Warhammer Aliance
You have "bear" "bear" "bear" "Old Meantooth" "bear" "bear" "bear"
Which is the champion?
Or with empire:
"empire militia" "empire militia" "John Von Grubensnitzel" "empire militia" "empire militia"
One of these things is not like the other thing....
Also when you click them they have a number of skulls under the avatar. I think one is a champion, two is a hero, three a lord. or something. And over their health bar it says CHAMPION.
I think visually they should look different (ran into a hero that looked like friar tuck), but all the other visual clues are there.
Or with empire:

"empire militia"; "empire militia" "John Von Grubensnitzel" "empire militia" "empire militia"


Anonym hat gesagt…

And, if the Jerries are going to get big into carriers, may I humbly suggest a few names?

SMS Gruberschnitzel
SMS Wattenwurst
SMS Swinehund
SMS Brat Stop (great brat place on I-94 in Wisconsin. . . )
SMS Help Me I'm Running Out Of German Food Names Because I Never Took German. . .

Did I mention I'm an RN guy? :D


Anonym hat gesagt…

Die Bacon Makers hat gute Arbeit der Braten Bacon: Bart 18-4-14 und Steve 25-2-5. But the smell of poached pork was not enough to offset the roast gruberschnitzel: Ron 71-8-26 + sink. Aber der Geruch von pochiert Schweinefleisch war nicht genug, um den Braten gruberschnitzel: Ron 71-8-26 + Waschbecken. Other notable scores: Pearce 62-6-6, Gerrit 6-0-0, Dirty 31-1-3, Joe 24-4-5, Doc 25-1-2, Marty 7-1-2, Frank P. 63-3-1! Andere bemerkenswerte Ergebnisse: Pearce 62-6-6, Gerrit 6-0-0, Dirty 31-1-3, Joe 24-4-5, 25-1-2 Doc, Marty 7-1-2, Frank S. 63 -3-1!
Cameron Hunt escaped with only 1-0-0?!? Cameron Hunt entkam nur mit 1-0-0?!? Was he on the same pond? Will had 34-1-5 and a 200-point ram. War er auf dem gleichen Teich? Will hatte 34-1-5 und einer 200-Punkte-RAM. Don 36-5-17, Lief 45-2-3, Foster 4-2-1, and the damage-sucking Bismarck of The Great One rolls in with only 6-0-0! Don 36-5-17, Lief 45-2-3, 4-2-1 Foster, und der Schaden-saugenden Bismarck von The Great One in Rollen mit nur 6-0-0!