Sonntag, 16. November 2008

Da gibt es eine Grubenschnitzel Fabrik

Wenn es eine Grubneschnitzlefabrik gibt dann gibt es auch einen Grubenschnitzler !

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05/04/08 10:09 PM Shoulda - And the Mavericks are where exactly? Isn't Irk back home in Germany already at the Grubenschnitzle factory? And Avery .. he's collecting two years paycheck for getting fired! Brilliant financial strategy by Mark Cuban!

Spurs got whuuped, they'll earn and come back with an efective game plan. Cuban's plan is "Who can I fire, and who can I buy?"

Montag, 10. November 2008

Warhammer Aliance vs. Grubenschnitzel

It's really usually not that hard to pick out a champion. Warhammer Aliance
You have "bear" "bear" "bear" "Old Meantooth" "bear" "bear" "bear"
Which is the champion?
Or with empire:
"empire militia" "empire militia" "John Von Grubensnitzel" "empire militia" "empire militia"
One of these things is not like the other thing....
Also when you click them they have a number of skulls under the avatar. I think one is a champion, two is a hero, three a lord. or something. And over their health bar it says CHAMPION.
I think visually they should look different (ran into a hero that looked like friar tuck), but all the other visual clues are there.
Or with empire:

"empire militia"; "empire militia" "John Von Grubensnitzel" "empire militia" "empire militia"