Sonntag, 2. August 2009

Bullen beißen Grubenschnitzel

1,2 g Fliehkraft Grubenschnitzel fliegen aus der Kurve
I have few question about my Sliders 4/28/09Hi! I'm Roxel from the Philippines.I got questions for my turtles. I have two (2) Red-Eared Sliders (Grub and Schnitzel) both 4 and a half inch long. Grub is the eating machine and Schnitzel is the stubborn one. One day, I'm cleaning their tank. I put them in a pail for a while. The water is deep for them and as I observe them, Grub can float and swim but Schnitzel stayed at the bottom of the pail and comes up to get some air. I thought there was something wrong with the two. I made Grub sink to the water but still he still floats up. I made Schnitzel come up but he or she(still can't identify the two) sank YET comes up to inhale some air. This is my question: Which one of my turtle is unhealthy/sick? What are the ways (if there are) to make them heal?I'll be looking forward for your reply. Thank You!

Samstag, 28. März 2009

नो फुर्थेर आईडिया कीने वेइतेरे इदी

Es geschieht nichts mehr in der Welt der Grubenschnitzel, der "Helplink" wurde gelöscht, die Tietelzeile lässt sich nur noch in surinam darstellen und Herr L. sen. lässt sich in der youtubestatisik nachweisen
> My fave "Baby please! A man can only eat so much
> grubenschnitzen"

That's "Schnitzengruben."

JayC oder Lindner sen. in der Grube