Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Yo no soy marinero, yo no soy marinero, soy capitán. Soy capitán, soy capitán.

Disfunktionale oder falsch Knoten heißen bei Seefahrern auf dem Iselmeer auch Grubenschnitzel.
Ein Beispiek siehe den linken Knoten auf dem Bild.
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Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

it works - endlich Beachtung

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten i... von Trimmel, M... -,-M.
22.05.2013 – what the hell is Grubenschnitzel: Weltweites Interesse an Grubenschnitzel steigt. Über 33 Millionen Einträge bei google zum Thema Grubenschnitzel gefunden.
Once the chair and the ottoman and a few throw pillows (lots of leftovers projected) are done. Did I mention I'd need a new sofa to match the new fabric? The old one is a remnant of the division of jointly acquired furniture from the divorce lo these many years ago and I never liked it anyway, so I slip-covered it in fabric that made it bearable, but now I've reached my limit on grubenschnitzel, baby, and it's time for a new one in the not-too-distant future.
And now it's time for me to catch up to the rest of the world with

Mein Haus mein Boot mein Grubenschnitzel

Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Grubenschnitzel Land-Art

Landart im Kunstpark des Westens in Ludwigsburg "made of grubenschnitzel"


Die Alternative zu edging.

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!

"Since the dawn of man" is really not that long,
As every galaxy was formed in less time than it takes to sing this song.
A fraction of a second and the elements were made.
The bipeds stood up straight,
The dinosaurs all met their fate,
They tried to leap but they were late
And they all died (they froze their asses off)
The oceans and pangea
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
Set in motion by the same big bang!

It all started with the big BANG!

It's expanding ever outward but one day
It will cause the stars to go the other way,
Collapsing ever inward, we won't be here, it wont be hurt
Our best and brightest figure that it'll make an even bigger bang!

Australopithecus would really have been sick of us
Debating out while here they're catching deer (we're catching viruses)
Religion or astronomy, Encarta, Deuteronomy
It all started with the big bang!

Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology
It all started with the big bang!
It all started with the big BANG!

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Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

deel oder die einsamen leser

Platz 3 (weltweit) auf der
Grubenschnitzel Speisekarte