Sonntag, 21. November 2010

was soll das nun wieder ?

Operation "Gruben Schnitzel" is now under way! The Commonwealth army under the command of Legendary Canadian General, Francois Bernard McLETO (the proper and politically correct combination of french, english and scot) has landed the valorous and highly trained 1st Saskatchewan Corps, equipped with genuine seal skin bindings and enough Rye alchohol to implode all of Northern Germany in a massive blue poof of flame.

It is said the that Saskatchewan soldiers are 10 feet tall with arms like front end loaders... and thus aren't very accurate with a rifle... but if they engage within 2 feet for close combat, beware!

Turn 2 and so far the luftwaffe has not shown up to evaporate half of my forces in a single bombardment (much like the last game with Mike).

Corporal Butt of the highly respected "Corner Gas" Company (a combination of company C and company G) is looking forward to trying his first german chili kraut frankfurter dog which he plans on wrestling from the cold dead hands of the krauts he kills with his extremely bad jokes.

Stay tuned for the fall of Germany!

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