Sonntag, 21. September 2008

Würdigung von Grubenschnitzel

Datum: Fr 18 Jul 2008 15:42:42 CEST
Betreff: Betreff dem Grubenschnitzel beste Seite seit langem!
Unklar bleibt was Grubenschnitzel wirklich sind.
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Gruß Jens Hörtreng

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Auf einer Beerdigung, werfen die Trauernden Rosen in das Grab des Verstorbenen. Auf einmal wirft einer ein Schnitzel in das Grab und darauf fragt der Hintere: "Meinst du etwa das tut er noch essen?" Darauf der Andere:" Na denkst du, der stellt deine Blumen ins Wasser?"

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Would a kitty friend be good for Schnitzel (a kitty that loves dogs). If she started crying, then the kitty might "attack" her and then she would be distracted.

Juney never really let me know when she had to go. I just watched her behavior once I knew what her "I'm looking for a place to go" behavior was. Then I grabbed her or started walking outside while calling her and she went outside.

In an apartment, it would be difficult to do that, though, except once you know the behavior, then you can grab Schnitzel and go down the stairs or elevator. I don't think Schnitzel will have an accident in your arms if you catch her fast enough. You might have to let her have a few accidents until you figure out her piddle behavior. That's what I had to do with Juney because she didn't have the standard piddle behavior.

Anonym hat gesagt…

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